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Greener Cleaning

Today, shipping is the most energy-efficient option to move large volumes of cargoes. Despite this, ships emit serious amounts of nitrogen oxide, sulphur oxide, carbon dioxide and particulate matter into the atmosphere, but also into the air and our worldwide seas. We at TECO Chemicals abdies by cleaning ships in the most efficient way, but we are also tackling the the pollution done by ships by contriubuting to supply our customers with UREA 40% Solution for SCR Systems (Selective Catalyst Reduction Systems) and Caustic Soda 50% Solution for EGCS (Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems).

TECO Chemicals is constantly developing better and less harmful marine cleaning chemicals for ships, which can be safely disposed into the sea without hurting the ecologial sealife in our seas. Our safe, IMO-approved and high performance cleaning products, are unlike any others, because others claim to friendly towards nature, but in reality they are adding higher volumes of water into their mixtures, making the concentration of harmful composites in their chemicals lower. 

TECO Chemicals provides the best products and services which ensures that the cleaning process is efficient with minimal health and ecologial damage towards our nature and sea.


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