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TECO Coagulant

TECO Coagulant

Highly effective coagulant for treatment of Seawater or Fresh water in open and closed loop wet exhaust gas scrubbers.


Features & Benefits

  • Economical to use - effective at lower dosage levels
  • Achieve high particle removal efficiency
  • Easily soluble in water; dissolves rapidly



TECO COAGULANT is a PAC based blend, optimized for best perfor-mance in as well open as closed loop exhaust gas scrubber applications. TECO COAGULANT is based on highly charged aluminum, enabling less of it to do more. This results in lower dosages and therefore reduces sludge volumes and pH adjustment demands.  
Coagulation is an intermediary step, but it is essential to the physicochemi-cal treatment wastewater. This is the first step in the elimination of colloidal particles and its main function is to destabilize the particles. This destabili-zation is essentially the neutralization of the electrical charge present on the surface of the particle thus facilitating the agglomeration of the colloids.  


TECO COAGULANT is taking care of agglomeration of the dispersed colloidal particles. These particles are assembled in larger aggregates called flocs or microflocs. TECO COAGULANT, creates lower turbidity and better particle separation. TECO COAGULANT is used in conjunc-tion with our flocculant TECO FlOCCULANT, for optimal sludge dewater-ing. TECO COAGULANT is used before the Bleed off treatment system, as a hydro cyclone or other type of separator.


Directions for use

TECO COAGULANT is dosed by a diaphragm metering pump. The product has to be dosed undiluted, at a dosing rate of 25 - 100 ml per kg dry solids (DS).  
As an average a wet scrubber produces:

  • Dry Solids   0,1 - 0,4 kg/MWh
  • Bleed off water   0,1 - 0,3 m3/MWh  



See Direction for use.



Article number 14509
pH 1 - 2
Density 1,24 - 1,38 g/cm3
Flashpoint > 100 ˚C
Physical state Clear liquid, yellowish
Viscosity @ 20 ˚C 2000 ± 200 mPas
Technical Info

pH Value: 1 - 2

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