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TECO Soot Remover Liquid

TECO Soot Remover Liquid

TECO Soot Remover Liquid

TECO SOOT REMOVER LIQUID is an active blend of mineral-based salts,

containing slag modifiers and carbon oxidation catalyst. This product is best

suitable for safe removal of soot deposits in boiler and diesel engine exhaust


Features & Benefits

• Prevents soot and fire scale deposits in diesel engines and boiler exhaust systems

Neutralises acids in the flue gas

• Increases boiler efficiency

• Reduces soot fire from occurring

• Reduces soot and slag deposits by transforming them into dry, powdery ashes that are easily


• Reduces cold end corrosion by neutralising sulphuric acid deposits on surfaces where the

temperature is lower than the dew point of the exhaust gas

• Improves heat transfer and aids soot blowing due to reduction in deposits

• Reduces cleaning costs by decreasing maintenance and frequency of cleaning

• No need to shut down boiler or plant when dosing


To remove unburned carbon slag deposits from boiler furnaces, superheaters, economizers, air

heaters and exhaust paths/stacks.

Directions for use


• Determine the quantity of TECO SOOT REMOVER LIQUID required by quantity of fuel

consumed per boiler per day.

• To do this please see the below dosage chart.

ntroduce the appropriate amount of TECO SOOT REMOVER LIQUID into the boiler, using

either a portable soot blowing injector or fixed soot blowing injector.

• Ensure that the liquid is spread evenly throughout the flame path, towards the back of the

combustion chamber.


• Inject the TECO SOOT REMOVER LIQUID directly into the exhaust system upstream of the

area to be treated.

• We recommend using a TECO CHEMICALS soot dosing system for this purpose. But if there is

already a soot injector system installed, this will also work.

Product Dosage

Standard Packing

TECO SOOT REMOVER LIQUID is usually available in plastic cans of 25 l.

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