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TECO Maritime Urea

TECO Maritime Urea


TECO Maritime UREA is special urea solution that contains 40% urea. This product can be used in heavy-duty engines equipped with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) systems and is especially suitable for NOx reduction in marine vessels and industrial combustion plants.
TECO Maritime UREA meets the requirements of ISO22241/DIN70070 and IMO Tier III regulation for NOx reduction for new vessels and for those operating in ECAs (Emmission Control Areas) or NECAs (Emission Control Areas related to nitrogen oxides).

  • Reduces and Controls NOx emissions
  • Non – flammable
  • Water based additive
  • Non – hazardous
  • Fully compliable with requirements of ISO22241/DIN70070 AND IMO tier 3
  • Fully compliable with ECAs and NECAs regulations


TECO Maritime UREA for marine ISO18611 applications is a blend of demineralised water and urea. TECO Marine UREA has a high concentration of urea and is efficient for large vessels.


Directions for use

TECO Maritime UREA should be stored between 5°C and 25°C. Temperatures below 0°C are to be avoided, as well as temperatures above 30°C. The product begins to freeze at 0°C. Once thawed, it can be used again. TECO Maritime UREA should be stored in a closed, dry room with good ventilation. There is no specification for the maximum quantity of stored product.



 Apperance  Liquid
 Odor  Possibly slightly ammonia
 Density at 20ºC  1106.0-1118.0 kg/m3
 Flash Point  Not applicable
 pH (undiluted)  10.0±0.05
Technical Info

pH Value: 10.0±0.05 (undiluted)

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