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MarClean RC

MarClean RC

Rig clean heavy duty water based de-greaser RC is a user-friendly general purpose cleaning and agent free from hydrocarbon solvents and caustic soda. Cleans heavily soiled surfaces on oil installations, drilling deck, and engine room. Designed for manual and high pressure both on and offshore. Meets the strict environmental for the Norwegian Oil Sector in the North Sea.

HOCNF Approved.

- Biodegradable

- IMO + HOCNF approved

- Environmentally Safe

- Caustic free

- Powerful, deep cleaning

- Concentrated

- Economical to use

- Effective with either fresh or salt water


Direction for Product Use:

Mix MarClean RC to the desired solution with either fresh or sea water.

Dilution 0.5 - 3% for general cleaning. Dilution 5 – 10% for heavy duty. Apply by brush, mop,  rag or sprayer. should be to stand 10 – 30 minutes prior to rinse off with water. Do not leave the product to dry on the surface.



Clear yellow-straw colored liquid with a wee odor. Density at 15 deg C 1,078 g/cm3, Flashpoint – none.

- pH – Concentrated 12,5 – 13,0

- pH – 5% solution 11,8

- pH – 1% solution 10,7

- pH – 0,5% solution 9,8

Read the Safety Data Sheet before using this product. Use protective equipment in accordance to MSDS.

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