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TECO Cool Treat NCLT

TECO Cool Treat NCLT

TECO Cool Treat NCLT

TECO COOLTREAT NCLT is a specially formulated liquid corrosion and

scale inhibitor for closed circuit cooling water systems.


Features & Benefits-

• Easy to use, easy to dose, liquid cooling water treatment

• Highly effective anodic inhibitor treatment, protects ferrous and non-ferrous metals

• Deposits a microscopic protective film on surfaces • Built-in pH buffering compounds

• Approved by major engine manufacturers

• Controls formation of hard scale deposits

• Will not damage seals, glands, packing, hoses and gaskets

• Compatible with all types of glycol based antifreeze

• Prevents cavitation or erosion

• Simple to test and control

• Can be used in all types of closed cooling water systems



TECO COOLTREAT NCLT is a nitrite, borate and organics based corrosion inhibitor suitable for all

types of engines and other closed recirculating water systems.


Directions for use

Determine the quantity of treatment required for the system from the product dosage chart. TECO

COOLTREAT NCLT should be dosed to the system by means of a TECO CHEMICALS dosing pot. The

dosing position should be where the circulation is at the highest. Do not add to expansion tank if there is

little or no circulation.

Systems contaminated with oil and/or scale should be cleaned before applying TECO COOLTREAT

NCLT treatment. Use MarClean H60+ for degreasing and TECO DESCALING LIQUID

EXTRA for descaling operation.

Water quality is one of the most important issues in today’s treatments. Always use good quality

demineralized water. Under no circumstance should cooling water be mixed with shore water or potable


Shore water or potable water has far too many impurities like silica, bicarbonates and other minerals that

can cause scale and corrosion to the cooling water system. In order to treat the closed cooling water

system it is vital to use nothing but demineralized/evaporator water, or reverse osmosis water.


Dosage and Control

The effective control range of TECO COOLTREAT NCLT is 1000 ppm of NO2 . To maintain adequate

reserves, we recommend a nitrite reserve of 1500 ppm. The nitrite level should not be allowed to fall

below 1200 ppm. Initial dosage is 10.3 l of NCLT for every ton of cooling water. Maintenance dosages

are based on the nitrite concentration shown in the product dosage chart.

The condition of the cooling water treated with TECO COOLTREAT NCLT, should be within the following


Nitrite: 1200 - 1500 ppm

Chloride: Below 100 ppm Cl

Hardness: Below 180 ppm CaCO3

pH: 8.3 - 10


there are no leaks and an apparent drop in nitrite value is observed in the system, this could be due to

bacterial contamination. Contact your TECO CHEMICALS representative for assistance.

All competitors nitrite/borate-based water treatments are compatible with TECO COOLTREAT NCLT, but

allow old product to drop to lowest limit before dosing the TECO CHEMICALS product. It is only

necessary to drain the cooling water when the competitor’s product has a colour coder, or pH colour

changer in it.

Note: TECO COOLTREAT NCLT will slowly remove sludge and other residues during the first period of

operation. This can result in cloudy water, which will clarify after blowing down small quantities of water.

Please consult your TECO CHEMICALS representative for the correct procedure of changing to TECO


Standard Packing

TECO COOLTREAT NCLT is usually available in plastic cans of 25 l and plastic drums of 200 l.

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